November 2011, Salt Spring Island, BC

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November, 2011.

At this time of year, it’s a mix of settling into a softer season, with an emphasis on holiday celebrations, with family & friends, and also a time for business planning for the following year.

I often think of November, December, January as the “fallow field” moment…we drop inward, to the root level of our lives, the surface appearing quiet, not much happening, and yet below ground there’s all that prepping for the next phase…a “getting ready for the new” time.

It’s essential to look back, to take stock…an inventory check is always important. Then it’s a plan focused on going forward, encouraging new momentum, using what still works while creating new paths.

This is a very buoyant shift moment in time, with a technology explosion that continues to erase old business models…anyone of us is capable of rewriting the business plan in order to be creatively current.

A good idea, then, to use this fallow field segment in our year, to make sure we’re swimming in the pool of now, and not hanging onto past methodologies. That means making sure all our systems are proactively using technology and that we are also reconfiguring our systems to benefit the consumer.

The consumer is now enabled and is in control of information outcomes. It’s a pull forward concept, not a push out plan. Profound shift….

Global economic uncertainties abound, still. Perhaps the insecure scenario is the surround sound for our time…perhaps shift, instability, upheaval, change is the ground we now walk upon? Important, then, to remember to “flow”…trying to stop a flood means we’ll be swept under. “Go with the flow” was the old hippie ethic, and it’s one to remember.

A good idea to go for a 15 minute walk, every day, to experience physical movement in the natural world. At this time of year, where trees are stripped of leaves and nature is pared down to its essentials, we can be inspired to be thoughtful and so to catch at our particular pathway forward. This kind of rhythmic pause is a form of walking meditation, and may be helpful in awakening our editing function.

Easter Island Ahu Tongariki

Easter Island

In change lies opportunity. We need to be a little quieter so “our” opportunity can come forward…this fallow field moment at year’s end allows us to calm, and then to go forward, renewed. That’s when we will notice our individual opportunities.

Big picture concerns out there, of course…government bailouts, debt defaults, currency instability worries, societal breakdowns, deflation vs inflation arguments, and at the end of October, the seven billionth human was born. Food, water, a safe place to live, health care, education…the same needs to be met, for all of us. In Africa, the bulk of the population is under 16. Interesting….

So important, though, to practice peripheral vision, and not to fall into the tunnel vision encouraged by the “shout media”. Peripheral vision captures the creative response that leads to discovery and that is the pathway out of fear. A time of shift/change is unsettling…remember the mantra: go with the flow.

In this lovely Pacific Northwest Coast area, we are lucky to be surrounded by natural beauty, in a protected & still quite pristine region…remembering the attitude of gratitude is important at this time of year, too.

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