Well, on the Pacific Northwest Coast of Super Natural British Columbia, in Canada, of course!

The Gulf Islands are nestled into the east side coastline of the very large Vancouver Island…this puts them in the rain shadow of this huge island, and so delivers an exceptional micro-climate known as “cool Mediterranean”.

All of the Gulf Islands, whether ferry accessed or water access only options, and regardless of whether located on Vancouver Island side or Lower Mainland side of Georgia Strait, are “governed” by the Islands Trust.

This is a provincial government mandated body, and it has been in place since 1974. Its mandate is to “preserve & protect” the environmental beauties of the Gulf Islands, for the benefit of all B.C. residents.

This control of growth is achieved through strict zoning/bylaws…the Trust is about land use/bylaws. More info? Call me!

The Pacific Northwest Coast is exceptionally beautiful…mountains, ocean, islands. The Southern Gulf Islands are in the best protected boating waters in the world. This, plus the enviable micro-climate, offer a jewel of a location.

Salt Spring Island is the largest and best-serviced of the Southern Gulf Islands, and enjoys an inspiring year round lifestyle. Close to everything, easy to get to (3 ferries, 3 floatplane companies) from Vancouver, Victoria, & Vancouver Island…plus Seattle. Yet, wonderfully apart…perfect for a family, or as a retirement opportunity, or as a seasonal retreat…a gem to savour!

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