Well, for starters, Salt Spring Island & the Gulf Islands are “safe havens”.

They are close to major centres (Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle), and so benefit from all nearby amenities offered by such cityscapes.

They are also wonderfully “apart”, and suggest a sense of what life must have been like, say in the 1950s/60s/early 70s…the visual vibe of space & slower time still lingers here.

Everything necessary for a pleasing lifestyle in our 21st Century post-internet world is available on Salt Spring Island, the largest & best serviced of the Southern Gulf Islands grouping.

A strong sense of community, a caring & artistically motivated ethic, a scenically beautiful region, located in the best protected boating waters in the world, and enjoying a temperate climate…it really doesn’t get any better.

Seeking a place that offers an interesting and sophisticated lifestyle with a casually elegant rural flair? This is it…tucked away & beautifully serene, yet with the ease of living one requires.

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