North Trail Island | Mr. Webber’s Salish Sea

North Trail Island is another rarte opportunity to secure one of Salt Spring Island real estate‘s private islands – truly one of the finest offerings to date.

A unique and beautiful private island opportunity in the amazing Pacific Northwest Coast. Nestled in the Salish Sea (now known as Georgia Strait). North Trial Island is part off the Thormanby Group of islands, off Sechelt, BC.

North Trail Island, a 33 acre private island, offers a rural farm, with all the amenities of Sechelt (including a hospital) at your doorstep.

Incredible viewscapes, ocean, islands, mountain vistas. A stellar opportunity to enjoy of this beautiful coast. Secure an irreplaceable gem for your future — a family holding, a hard asset investment to protect your capital, an immediate pleasure quotient of the best of the best.

Origin of the term “Salish” (as Wikipedia says)

Bert Webber a.k.a The Father of the Salish Sea

The first known use of the term Salish Sea was in 1988, when marine biologist Bert Webber from Bellingham, Washington created the name for the combined waters in the region with the intent to supplement the Georgia Strait, Puget Sound, and Strait of Juan de Fuca waterway names. The adoption of the term, he said, would raise consciousness about taking care of the region’s waters and ecosystems. Webber’s efforts are credited with the official recognition of the term in the US and Canada, although Webber’s original proposal also recommended the removal of the terms Georgia Strait, Puget Sound, and Strait of Juan de Fuca from official recognition.

Coast Salish people

according to the Wiki

The Coast Salish are a grouping of indigenous peoples who live in southwest British Columbia, and northwest Washington state and share a common linguistic and cultural origin. For most of their collective histories (which date back to 8,000 B.C.E.) there was no overarching term to describe these people as a whole. Today the Coast Salish are seen as one of the main cultural and linguistic branches of a larger group known as Salishan or Salish. There are five recognized divisions of the Salish language family, with Coast Salish and Interior Salish being the primary two. The Salish family consists of 23 separate languages.

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