Marketing Real Estate in “Interesting Times”

November 2010 | Gulf Islands Real Estate Market Analysis

Interesting times we live in!

Wasn’t that the Chinese Curse?

I think, though, that change offers opportunity…

Check out my radio show podcast and listen to my interview with “Carolina George.”

George, originally from Ontario, now lives in North Carolina, and is a major player in the digital post-internet world we now all inhabit.

As a hybrid being, with a foot in the 20th Century and another in the beginnings of the “real” 21st Century, I feel like my role might be as an interpreter between two beings: BG (Before Google) and AG (After Google).

A divide that is so profound that there is really no true meeting ground.

The historian Barbara Tuchman wrote a book, in the 1970s, bringing to life the world of the 14th Century. It might be prudent to revisit her book. Messages from the 14th to the 21st Century? Perhaps….

After all, Gutenberg‘s discovery at that time, and subsequent implementation of the printing press, erased centuries of agrarian top down culture and gave birth to the ascendance of “the common man” and the creation of that middle class power base that resulted in the Industrial Revolution.

Click here to download a PDF of analysis and here to read in its entirety.

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