Southern Gulf Islands Real Estate, BC

For the past 5 years, I’ve had a personal office in “downtown Ganges“, the seaside village, and that’s where I’m now located. It’s the front office, facing the main street, (with a view of the Harbour and the marinas, and the boardwalk and the park area), in the Clement, Murphy, Woodward law office building (at the corner of Lower Ganges and Rainbow Roads). There’s a parking lot behind the building (access off Rainbow Road), and my office has a side entrance (next to the lawn area).

In deciding to be licenced through the Sea to Sky Premier Properties group (& their Whistler office), it was a desire to bring amplified exposure to my listing database that propelled my move. There is no “local market” on Salt Spring Island and the Southern Gulf Islands, and it’s been like this for several years, now.

The Southern Gulf Islands became secondary home/discretionary marketplaces, and local advertising is only seen when this buyer profile physically turns up on Island; it doesn’t “bring them”. Targeted print adverrtising, where the buyer profile lives, is also essential, along with use of the local media options. An extensive internet linked presence is also essential.

The information has to get off Island, now, or no one will come to view the incredible properties and opportunities available on Salt Spring & the Southern Gulf Islands.

I am the local representative, then, of the Sea to Sky company, on Salt Spring Island and the Southern Gulf Islands.

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