What does Christie’s $200 million in sales mean for high end Real Estate

Does the Christies record breaking art sale signal a real estate rebound on the way?

Could be… Fine Art has always been a bellwether of all other discretionary spending. Good news, then, that Christie’s Auction House experienced further gains in their recent sale of stellar Impressionist offerings.

Real estate sales, in the luxury and unique properties segment, mirror the arrow of Fine Art sales…usually within four to six months.

Markets are cyclical

After a good three to four years of pause mode, the buyers are again recognizing that it’s wise to own rare & irreplaceable hard assets.

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Read the signs & don’t miss the shift in the real estate market…Art sets the direction…the move is underway!Vue de l'Asile et de la Chapelle de Saint-Remy" by Vincent van Gogh