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Saltspring Soapworks

Salt Spring Island-Style entrepreneurship

This is a very appealing “Island story” of Island-style entrepreneurship! Linda Quiring & Bill Goddu, of the Saltspring Soapworks, came to the Islands in the 1970s.

salt spring soapworks

salt spring soapworks

Linda Quiring Bill Goddu Linda, always interested in gardening and herbs, began by creating her personal lotions, salves, & ointments — an interest in the healing arts/herbology was the basis for this “home occupation”. Then, in the late ’70s, Linda began to investigate the growing Craft Fair market, and began to sell her line of herb preparations.

En route to creating a shampoo, however, Linda came across a soap recipe, and tried it. That first recipe ended up with 50 bars of soap! Linda added the soap to her herbal line at a craft fair, and it was the soap that sold out completely! Several experiments later, and an innovative packaging concept, & the Saltspring Soapworks was fully fledged. Creating their product in their home, then moving the “factory” to a barn on their property, & then to an industrial building — all locations on Salt Spring! — charts the growth of this very interesting and profitable business enterprise.

Soapworks Store

Soapworks Store The product line can be purchased at the Saturday Morning Market in Ganges Village, and also at the company’s own retail outlet in Ganges. This product line is also available in better gift stores throughout North America, and is also marketed in Japan.

soapmakers guild

soapmakers guild

Linda is drawn to the concept of a viable business, that can be a meaningful part of one’s life, and still allow one to enjoy the gardening, cooking, hiking pursuits that are also a part of Linda & Bill’s lifestyle. This is a “small is beautiful” concept!

Be sure to visit Bill on Saturdays at the Market! Don’t leave Salt Spring without one of the lovely soaps, shampoos, essential oils, etc., available from the very pretty retail outlet on the “main street” of “downtown Ganges”!