Salt Spring solstice

Winter sunsets have a different quality to them…the light is “thinner” in some way, in our northerly environs.

The sun sets in November around 4 p.m., and in the summer season, in July, it would be setting around 10 p.m. Quite a difference!

Manhattanhenge from 42nd Street, New York City

Manhattanhenge from 42nd Street, New York City

The conifer forests always look the same, though, so the “vistas” are remarkably unchanged, regardless of the time of year.

Less blue, more grey to the palette, though? The sun shimmers through the mist in a more golden glow, a softer hue, and in the summer we get those intense reds blurring down to purple, just before dark.

Regardless of the season, it’s always uplifting to view a sunset…is this how the Druids felt, at the soltstice moment, back at Stonehenge, when the light returned?

I’m glad the holiday season involves decorations, lights festooned here and there, as without all this sparkle and trimming, it would be grey days indeed.

Did I tell you that the fibre optic tree is twinkling away in the corner of my office?

Light….always important.

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