Neighbourhoods on Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island’s real estate and the Gulf Island’s appeal comes not only from our rich culture and natural beauty, but from the real estate of the Island’s neighbourhoods.

A sense of “community” abounds on Salt Spring Island and the neighbourhoods are no exception. In fact, quite the opposite.

Brinkworthy Place is a “planned adult community on Salt Spring Island”

Channel Ridge … in their own words:

Set Yourself to Island Time

Channel Ridge

Channel Ridge | Salt Spring Island

…Welcome to a new adventure in living. Welcome to Channel Ridge. So near yet so very different. So familiar yet still so exotic. It’s everything you’ve been looking for. Inviting. Warm. Intimate. Totally Salt Spring. Totally Gulf Island. Yet built entirely for 21st century tastes. Prepare to be fulfilled.

Magic Lake Estates
Residential development on Pender Island featuring both Lakefront and Oceanfront properties.

Maracaibo Estates

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