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Chamber of Commerce, Salt Spring Island

Chamber of Commerce, Salt Spring Island

The Salt Spring Chamber of Commerce is celebrating 65 years as the authentic voice of Salt Spring business. And remember: anyone providing an item or a service to the public is in business.

There are both new faces & familiar faces on the Chamber Board, and everyone who has volunteered to serve on the Board, and been elected by the Chamber Membership at the May AGM, is enthusiastically working for the best for all business enterprises.

Marnie McCaughtrie, the manager of Mouat’s Clothing is a vice-president & serves on the communications/strategy committee. Her presence on the Finance committee is also valued. Marnie’s expertise in management & marketing is pivotal for the Board & the Chamber.

Fred Lizotte, an accountant at McLean Lizotte Wheadon & Company, is a vice-president & acts as treasurer. He is the chair of the important Finance committee. Fred’s input is very important to the smooth workings of the Chamber…a non-profit enterprise & there for the benefit of the entire Salt Spring business community. Fred’s thoughtful expertise is important for the Chamber’s direction.

Peter Vincent, an accomplished writer, with several articles in local publications, including the Driftwood, is heading up the Membership Committee, and as a subset of that is involved with the evolving website presence. He is the owner of North End Fitness & understands the stresses & the triumphs of small business ownership.

Linda Bradford, a B&B provider, & with extensive background in community service, is part of the membership committee, & is working with Peter Vincent to create meaningful benefits for Chamber members…specific & local B2B advantages that will benefit the entire membership.

Ken Byron, of Ken Byron Excavating, is a valued member of the Board, with a strong desire to address the issue of industrial zoning…Ken also works on an advisory committee with the Trust. His agricultural background is another link to an important aspect of the Island lifestyle. This kind of community overlap is very beneficial to the overall Chamber membership.

Matt Steffich, of Steffich Fine Art Gallery, is an enthusiastic supporter of many business initiatives. As a past president of the Chamber Board he brings that experienced voice. Currently, he chairs the Arts committee. The artistic opportunities on Salt Spring are an integral thread in the fabric of the Island’s lifestyle.

Kate Fischer, of McKimm & Lott, brings her background in law, and chairs the communications/strategy committee…a vision path for the future. She is also a member of the Health/Wellness committee.

Genevieve Price is an accomplished member of the Board, offering expertise in Events presentations (important fundraisers for the Board…allowing the Chamber to benefit many groups on the Island). Gen is also an integral member of the Health/Wellness committee. Her business interests include PUR & the Fishbowl.

Fraser Nixon, with Salt Spring Air, is also an important member of the Membership committee. Fraser would like to connect with new business owners, and has an interest in communicating the benefits of Chamber membership to all. He is working with Peter & Linda on creating serious B2B links for all Chamber members.

Murray Nurse is the link between the Chamber Board & the incredibly valued volunteers at the Visitors Information Centre (VIC). The VIC Steering Committee is headed by Murray, & Murray is also Secretary to the Board Executive. His savvy help on the communications committee is an important contribution to the Board.

Mike Best is a member of the Chamber Board, and has been involved in many initiatives of the Board during his service. Currently a member-at-large, Mike’s input on behalf of the Chamber membership is valued.

Bruce Gamble, of Bruce Gamble & Sons Construction, is looking forward to promoting the best interests of those in related businesses. To create a good business climate for same is Bruce’s concern. He serves on the Finance committee.

Bryce Chapman is also a member-at-large on the Board, and his willingness to step into committee work that would benefit from his corporate/development experience, on an as needed basis, is valued.

John Cade, a realtor with Pemberton-Holmes, is a recent voice on the current Board. Previously he was on the Chamber board for 14 years & also served as president. His interest is Small Business & his experience & enthusiasm to grow a successful business profile for Salt Spring will stand us in good stead.

As the current president of the Chamber, I am also the managing broker of Sea to Sky Premier Properties. I am proactively seeking the very best for the Chamber membership at large, & appreciate the enthusiasm & commitment of the newly organized committees. If you would like to be involved in a specific committee, your presence would be greatly appreciated.

It is so important, as we begin a slow recovery from a five to six year economic downturn, that we all work together.

Salt Spring is such an energizing as well as a scenically beautiful place to call home. It is also a place of individual thought, & that is an essential part of it. In that moment of individuality, there is also an opportunity to be a bridge-builder.

Ganges Harbour, Salt Spring Island

Ganges Harbour, Salt Spring Island

Creating connections between the construction trades & the tourism related businesses & the hospitality industry & the arts community & the wellness providers & the educators & the financial sector & the retail merchants & the restauranteurs & the tech inventors & the farming community &…you get the drift. We’re all in this together.

The interesting outcomes of the post-Internet world have created a need for interactive connectivity. What does that mean, exactly, & how will it benefit you? Stay tuned & be a part of the Chamber experience…there for you & working with you.

The next event supported by the Chamber & sponsored by key community businesses is the harvest themed Sip & Savour annual showcase of local produce, local chefs flair, & local wines to pair.

The agricultural community will benefit from this event…which is very fitting, indeed. The Chamber came into being 65 years ago, created by the farm community of that time.

Support the Chamber with your membership. Enjoy the upcoming Sip & Savour event, & help to showcase our agricultural community. Be an attendee & spread the word to others! Both providers & audience are needed. Winemakers dinners on Friday, the 27th. A stellar grazing event on the afternoon of the 28th, with 30 plus wineries in attendance. A dinner & Cuban Dance Party event on Saturday night. Plus the amazing annual Apple Fest on Sunday, the 29th. Call the Chamber office or check the Chamber website for ticket info. Janet Clouston, the Chamber Manager, is ready for your call.