Well, what about right now?

You know what all the great philosophies teach: there is only the “now”…the “right this minute” moment in time.

There will never be a better time than this “right now”.

Markets are cyclic in nature. Buyers Markets and Sellers Markets have rhythms…and a cycle might follow a 7 to 10 year pattern.

What goes down goes back up, and the equilibrium point between markets can be of very short duration.

Since 2006, and globally so, it has been “flat” in secondary home/discretionary areas. The result: price reductions, motivated sellers, low interest rates to encourage action, good inventory choices, but reluctant buyers.

Now, there are whispers of change, on an uptick trend…perhaps we will look back and decide that October 2010 to October 2011 was the bottom-bottom in the market. From now on, it should show marked improvement in sales volume, followed by thinning inventory, then price stability, and finally a turn into true sellers market territory. Perhaps by 2013?

My definitions:

a buyer’s market is characterized by lots of inventory and few buyers. A seller’s market: hardly any inventory and lots of buyers.

Remember the old economics law of supply & demand? Hmmm….

So, the “when” of action? Be in that “right now” moment…act when it’s good for you to do so. Weigh the options…decide if it works for you…that proactive stance will benefit your outcomes.

The eternal question: “what’s the market doing?”…well it’s on the move. How about you?

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