Thoughts…sailing, technology, business…..leading edges.

From a distance, a sailing scene is just a flash of beauty.

Close up, the toil & stress of a race, the tacking & sail work, add up to a picture of hard physical crew work.

The skipper has to keep strategy of winning in mind…testing wind & water conditions, choosing sail decisions wisely…it’s about pre-planning, significant non-race practice, & on-the-fly on site changes, in order to be able to quickly respond to the race’s shifting conditions.

It’s also about race start jockeying for position. No sailor wants to be boxed in by that middle-of-the-pack wall. To be in the front few right off the start line, with room to manouver, is the starting quest.

A sailing race motif can sum up competitive business, too. Essential to have the business plan in place…that’s the pre-planning moment. Getting the best sail package is like having the best technology tools you can put together…honing the closing arguments so one can negotiate from strength…it is about practice & presentation…is like the crew practice time.

To be among the first starters is a bit about luck, but it’s also about knowledge, expertise, & the ability to quickly embrace change…to take some risks…to recognize & respond to shifts.

We don’t get to pick the conditions of our times, but we do get to choose our responses.

In a sailing race, the wind is not in the skipper’s control, but the agility to quickly respond to changing conditions makes the difference in outcomes…in our sales careers are we stepping forth with energy & a mindset that welcomes change?

Are we taking full advantage of technology’s gift? In Q4, it may be a good time to become at ease with all our creative tools…let’s begin 2013 at the beginning of the pack, ready to go & ready to react to whatever presents.

And your thoughts are? Always welcome….

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