Any Way The Wind Blows & Salt Spring Island Sailing

This is a shot of the annual Round Salt Spring Sailing Race, as the fleet goes around Southey Point, from Stuart Channel, to head down Trincomali Channel and back to Ganges Village (the start of the race).

In the background, one is looking at Kuyper and Thetis Islands, and beyond them lie Valdes and Gabriola Islands.

Salt Spring Island Sailing

Round Salt Spring Sailing Race

You can see why this area is renowned as some of the best protected boating waters in the world!

This race takes place every Victoria Day weekend…this is the holiday around the third weekend in May, across Canada, and is the signal for Canadians to open up their summer cottages and be ready for the “season”.

The following weekend is the U.S. Memorial Day Weekend holiday, and Victoria, the capital city of B.C., tucked into the most southerly part of Vancouver Island, hosts the Swiftsure Race. Sailboats from Washington State, and even farther south, plus B.C. coast boaters, take part in this race. The Round Salt Spring race the previous weekend is often seen as the “shakedown” sail before the demanding and challenging Swiftsure (in Juan da Fuca Strait).

In wintry moments, it’s always nice to ponder scenes from late Spring moments…gives one heart! Summer is a-coming, right?

By the way, the local Sailing Club has races year round…Wednesday evenings in the summer season, and Sundays in the “off season” (is that a nice way of saying Winter?).

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